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 its my portfolio of work and the Art store ,  because of health reasons selling ART has been on back burner  however it is back ... If you like something then contact me through email or buy from Art store section.  If i ever have gained enough mulah from art or products I want to have local art show and the funds from the products bought will give this a better opportunity to happen like framing, Because printing isn't cheap, future art will be coming however i am retired from the massive working world with graphics and freelancing with friends and few clients for just art for art sake so come help a starving artist out ...

 Everything about me is at your fingertips... want to know more then in groups message me but most of the time I see message from instagram and fb messenger .


Grab a seat, look around, and enjoy this journey into my realm. Often I pierce through the human veil with works that are dramatic and thought-provoking, as well as, demiurge fever spurts from the muse her self when the creativity flows it flows.


This is proof of how individuals are pushing design limits through the use of a humble graphic tablets and powerful software, for example. There is something here for everyone who enjoys the display of art that has beautified the soul, since the High Cave Culture. Realistic stencils of bison and horses were part of our evolutionary stage.


The gallery uses forms such as figurative on canvas, pure abstracts, paintings, photographs and more to approach and solidify contemporary themes. Some of these range from sci-fi and fantasy to women and emotions. My understanding of layout principles, color relationships, proportionality, shadows, grounding, perspective, illusion and overall composition is always consistent. Tools like mastering the brush stroke and layering become secondary features.


The ability to execute print, digital collateral and or produce cutting-edge material comes naturally after 30 years of experience, as well. Capacity building has enabled me to accept any role, with preparedness. If you need someone to help breathe life into your concepts, feel free to reach out.

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