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susanne jensen AT WORK


video  working new canvas

Original Works on Rives Paper and Prints

Working in My Paint on Computer


Where Most of my creations are made Digitally 


Working on Creating a Drawing

My Collection of Oil Paints

Sample of Me working on a Canvas Art called Moments 30x44

Studio view of canvas painting... sold two days after posting so its gone been working on another for few months its got about two more sessions of painting then it will be posted... this one was called Getting Ready... the one currently is Lampshade...

Studio view of working on digital painting with my wacom tablet purchased awhile back in 2016 ...

that computer poofed on me in april of this year 2017 so i have new one but it cut into my funds so bad that now i am way behind on being able to work posts of art on artfinder gallery so sigh !  but hope to get back to being able to ship internationally on that gallery website  I can still ship any art from my paypal account internationally just not thru gallery right now cause they pay me monthly so that means i pay shipping up front so can't do that internationally right now when i am on a budge of $60 a month

hope that changes sometime in future this is rough times =)

videos of me creating...

My Channel

My Channel

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