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  Digital Fine Art Process

I process the work over and over
with layers and other effects or brushes to make the design begin to work.
Here is a detail up close of the painting in its final look.
Here is more on the processing and changing of things like the couch color and texture
Here I will  show you in screenshots
the process of creating one of my Fine art pieces digitally!!!
basic outline of a background and a photo from a stock image then in gimp I created the outline and deleted
the other parts no longer needed
And here is the final piece ready
to be placed for selling on gallery website and to show here on my website and when printed are on 11x17 Photo Paper 80lb Epson stock
All art prints are created in a printshop right now because i don't have the means to afford all the equipment needed or i could make them larger and on other things like watercolor paper or art archival paper or canvas to be re worked more but I just don't
have that kind of funds one epson large format printer itself not paper or ink is in the $6 to 11,000 range
I can't even afford the tiny 13x19 $495 dollar table printer I want...
So I make do with what i can do and canvas and paints are expensive so its cheaper to do one of a kind one prints of digital artwork but  i have been working on some canvas when i can get my hands on them...
You can see how i build the colors and with layers sometimes i will have up to 6 or more layers
to change opacity or modes to achieve the look i am after.
Once that is done I go back to gimp and work in a few more effects and layer work with modes and opacity and such to achieve the final look.
Sometimes i leave some photograph images that I want to use the color scheme to but are not hi res or pixel usable but love the color scheme which sometimes i keep or change later as i go.
Then i open my paint and begin
to add color after the image has been sized to a point that can be high res
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