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Digital Painting

Below text is an Example art...

On this page I will be basically showing some of my work from the beginning sketches and ideas to the final artpiece and

how it develops  I will also mention some of my techniques and how to create its pretty simple when you have a world of tons of brushes and filters and computer programs to create and different surfaces to make this happen.

Many of my ideas begin with just that an idea that i don't know how it is gonna look it just forms as i go...There are different tools to make literally anything you want if you have imagination, determination, and love to experiment on what different things do and how easy it is yet the one thing you have to know is real art takes time you can use a photo now days and just stick it in a program app and it look like so called art and not really its not the real deal but hey some of these look really cool... yet in creating from scratch an idea whether you use a pencil and paper or a photo it can form into art

There are things in the programs I use that help make what I want look the way I want it to look! and its done on a budget of well you have a computer and a mouse and keyboard and then regular ink, paint, paper, and real pens and brushes... all of these are tools... its real art when you lay it out a certain way and manipulate the sources at your fingertips to create the image you want and as with everything it takes time to work this and perfect it I have been working with three programs mostly ...  for my figurative art it can begin with looking at a image whether its a model from a photo, a figure from an ad in a mag, or stock image from the internet, or completely drawn from my mind and taking bits and pieces of many different things to create it ... like say you want a wire look of a computer well there are zillions upon zillions of images on the internet to work with its how you use them and what you do with them as a part like a multi media created piece on canvas where someone takes text from newspaper adds it into the canvas by gluing it in a specific spot ... then add paint and move to create around that or looking a image for inspiration yet you pick up the pencil and paper and draw it out first... then the fact i don't have a scanner but i do have sources in a camera so i will take a picture of that drawing and then go from there.

I want a wacom or equal drawing tablet so i could learn to by pass this step and draw right on the surface however right now i don't have the 100 or so bucks to buy a size pad tablet i want or a touch screen computer/tablet that is usually for the good ones at least 1000 bucks or more... so i have learned to work with what little I do have and make some amazing things from that.  Years of working as a graphic artist in and out of printshops and silk screen places taking images from a light table to a computer screen with Adobe products gave me the learning to use a mouse and keyboard to do some cool things many take three to four days back then to create now it can be done in hours with better processors and such yet I can't afford Adobe and its Creative Cloud programs so I turned to open source and beginning apps like sketch book to draw what I choose. One day I would like to have Adobe stuff again but if it never comes its no lost cause I have alternatives now to do just about anything I need.

Many of the things I create have a few features that I use all the time one of those that i have used from old days to now is the layers pages which is how many things are made one on top of the other... depending on how powerful a computer and how much memory I have determines how many layers i can work with but most of the time I use maybe five or six at the most then combine the image and work with that same amount of layers again.

Opacity and the Settings from Normal to Burn or Overlay or Color or such come in handy to create and affect...

Certain filters seem to add a depth and feel I like after I have painted and painted the image... There is one I simply love

its the Cartoon feature which adds a black to anything it gives the piece that jewelized look of black like a wash does over a sculptured piece for cracks and crevices.

It some what stylizes it yet it is the way I want the piece to look not using it to make the image just accent the way I desire the view to be its like my way of things someone else could make theres different . 

Adding color you have to know how basic painting like in oils or acrylics works the blending of one color to a tint or shade of that color or its opposite or the blending of many colors to bring out the look desired takes skill, talent, and years upon years of painting on canvas and paper and on computer to get it right the way my eye wants it seen and over the years I have gotten better and better and better and keep at it one of my favorite mottos is Practice makes perfect... I have

been painting since I could pick up the brush and mix a color to the paper or canvas I am not the best at it and techniques are only a part of it ... most of what I do comes from somewhere out in the universe and comes through me to have it look in the end how i want... that also takes time... i can work on one section for three hours to get just one look then go back and look at it and say it needs more so the other major thing you can do is learn to process your work over and over

I have a painting on canvas right now that I keep looking at it for a year now tweeking it here adding there and its still on going ...  I can have a image done looks great the way it is and I see it to be a new way so I will take that finished piece and go back and work it again and again and change it add color take away color add a shape or affect and then say yep or nope and then when that piece is finished I could at any point go back look at that piece and say hmmm what if I did this

and make it into a new piece of art.

There is a lot more to making a piece of art digitally or on canvas than a few strokes here or there... the hardest part is always taking a image and reworking it to be better than it was or different and there are no limits to this and how it can be done to be abstract or realistic or somewhere in between the both... for me studying how the golden mean of things work in nature and in other masterpiece artists of the past helps me create a piece there is a basic math a basic grid of where things

pop or don't pop where things may look better here than is how you put it all together in the end to design the piece how you want it to be...

ok enough chatting on how I do and just do....  for anything can be made to be art....

EXAMPLE of cyber dragon being made...

Here I have drawn out the idea on a piece of paper that I looked at a image of a dragon someone else had done and altere that drawing to look how I wanted it to look. Then put the picture in camera on a mini sdcard and placed it in Gimp and took the edges out for now to separate it from a future background I use black for now but I could have left it as a png but couldn't paint it in another program I use so this way I can just erase it and add it later when ready for the background. I then made the lines cartoon darker and gave it that grainy affect to use as the underlying layout which I keep throught out the piece. 

Then I found a wiring picture in stock images I liked and then on another layer put it in and altered the wiring layout to look as I wanted then painted layering of colors two or three times and to make the wiring looked curved I go over the pieces with a brush technique on another layer same with highlights or shadows to give depth to the piece and it has a long long way to go still ... this took about 6 hours totall to create so half my day or as with many of my projects days cause I do a little bit here and a little bit there .

ok now i add the image of the wiring and then close up details of images as I changed it ... the idea for this cyber dragon came from a dream of me playing a video game so I decided to make him into real art. =)

The original sketch on paper that I took the photo of and then put in the computer!

Here are the stock images i used as ideas for the wiring and yes I redrew many of the parts to make it work so not really taking the images but working with the idea

Gave the cyberdragon a cool wicked smile =) lil fiber optic hairs on his chiny chin haha!!!

Wow! its been about 36 + hours put into this artwork and he has a long long way to go..... but when he is done he will be amazing and I have a name for him but not gonna say it til he is finished!!!

Full view... of so far!

and where he is now.... at 2 am on

Jan 12, 2017

Back to working on cyber dragon for awhile more updating tomorrow!!!

On my twitter account it shows it with the correct color of blues not so much the purplish blue it has it here... hmmm ! think the color fixed it self on websites its closer to normal coloring


Changes I have made and been working on the left side of face and working my way down the nose adding another integrated circuit on the nose which will bring things from sides back up to the nose arch area... working on that side was 8 hrs worth of work.

so next is to add the first layer of colour on the nose and leave it for the day that will have been four hours of work just on this area alone...

Working detail of the side wiring from GIMP

Adding smoke features in MY PAINT and


Added pulsing stuff under forehead

spots added reflective and spark to eyes and started on nose  more wiring next...

Now he has wiring in his nose =)

Each section is about  1hr or
2hr creation
Woke up at 3ish with stuff on my
mind so painted on the cyberdragon
finished the right side and back of
upper neck
Added the glass on rest of horns
then took and put him in a background ... to see that go to SJARTSTORE then link button to SCIFIART that is where he can be purchased... in a limited edition of up to 25 if he gets all 25 sold then I wil see about doing more...  and its
poster sized 24x36
Then got to work on the horns which
are glass tesla coils on the tops so all that is left is the rest of the horns and background... and he will be done!
added a background and then set him up to be sold! there are 24 limited editions left available ! a friend loved him so much and so purchased him and put a nice frame on him.  Orisin is hanging on their wall. I will put picture of the image with background and then her purchased piece as poster on her wall she sent me to give you an idea of how wonderful he really is ...
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