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GAME MODDING portfolio



Basically.... As a fun thing it all began with finding a program called MINETEST it is like MINECRAFT but is for linux

OS systems which I happen to like a lot the MY PAINT and GIMP  so added BLENDER and decided to try my hand at modding and 3d modeling to bring drinks to the game it had someone that made the coffee cups but they didn't know the right blending so they are code only and basic like a plant in the game so I saw that and was like can I make something better... its been a major learning curve and taken a long time and I still don't know much but have gotten it to work....

Here is the Milk Bottle from Blender and  in the game...  below will be my struggle process of learning the LUA C++ codes used for the game, the creating of graphics and the working of the

blender model the in game, the process to position all right and work around till I got the coffee cups, the bottles, and the tea to work out still working on the plants with code, and graphics to look how I want. When its ready which is soon I will post it to the GitHub and Community pages to see if anyone else likes my idea and has suggestions and I will continue to work on the items to be better and have them not only work in creative mode but the game mode for some reason and I think its the version I am using stable for my machine that maybe the hold back at the moment but let the community help me with ideas for improving the BEVERAGES mod. And learn more on how to create more stuff for I have tons of FOOD ideas and Creatures and such which work with Fantasy books I am writing of that world so to possibly create things from that world-system into the game as MODS.

So here are all I have worked on so far... in the show and tell form:


MAKING coffee & tea ...

clay cups

fired and


working the


of coffee...


coffees already in the game to


adding the foam around

the coffee

working on

code and tea

and bottle


working on tea bag took a photo and added tea graphic looks good in game...


the final look of teas

in the game

ginger, honey ginger,

green tea, water


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