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Below are examples of how I am progressing in changing my artworks from one process to another. From the drawing composition to the digital representation and now the canvas translation to create each a wonderful piece of art in itself and the variety of media layouts for each.

In time I hope to have created at least 30 ideas from digital to drawings and canvas or more If i can reach that goal. All have a similar imagery yet different to the situation of the media in which they are worked some will have even oil crayon colours in the drawings while others just the black and white contrast from the paper. This is a long process and many years to work on... it is a goal.

The oil canvas painting is in the process of being worked there fore not finished yet but I am showing different stages of the worked idea as it progresses to be a final creation.


ART Title:

drawing version Gettin' Ready #1

Here is the drawing which
began the idea and is created
in mixed media layout of gesso,
black india ink with brush, &
charcoal on manila newsprint
paper 12 x 18.5
The original formed imagery
was from a photo found on
the internet... which i changed
it be getting ready for a art
model session in a studio instead
of what it was originally i believe
a photo shoot!

digital version Gettin' Ready #2

This is the digitally created
version which I like but its very
loud so painting will be a little
different. available for art print
on 80lb photo paper at 11x17

canvas version Gettin' Ready #3

basic layout layer one

Created the imagery layout with
oil crayons and charcoal

layout layer two

Added purple outline to
 the imagery composition
enhancing and added some
more correcting to the image
form and color hits for
perspectives to carry the eye

layout layer three

Added black outline to
jewelize the imagery now
it dries then texture layering
will be in Layer Four.

layout layer four

Showing some texture

close - up details on

the sides...

layout layer five    

Well I  left it at this point had it up on gallery two days and its now SOLD! wow... ok I do more on canvas!!!

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