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Poetry and Writings




In the silence

the words ring in

my head

that i can't seem

to let go of

book of life

and red and white

the moment

of the truth

and the cost

this has made

and knowing

now my time

is limited

i was blessed

and now i am


for a belief

for a view of love


should never

be undone

like that


to us

to our souls

when I know

where I belong

and where I

will be going

yet now the



in the heart

that aches

for someone

I can never

be or have

till my last

breath will

I fight that

point of view

of evil that

existed only

to destory

that which

it should never

have found

to begin with

I didnt even


now i sit here

and contemplate

as my feet tingle

in the scars that

no one can see

but only I can


they did this

deception well

and i fought

with all i had

for what it is


we all strive

to reach that

higher plane

and then we

all know once

there what is

and isn't

and where it

leaves us

with my hands

in the earth

my feet walk

with the staff

like it should

and yet the

rain washed away

that pain

and took with

it a life

that felt a deep


and because

of that love

my soul


to live

and now

the cost of that

fight is extremely


all i want to know

now is it all

in vain

has it all been

for nothing

the cost I paid

to live

to save the world

was it really saved

or is it just now

slowly decaying

where that time

of knowing

will leave you

empty inside

I can't help but


its my nature

it is all I know

as a human


it is all I have

and its


will it fade

will the fire leave me

lonely and


the blessing

of a curse

to be in the night

without my stars


no more fear

no more

much of anything

they did it well

they played there

parts and

i hope they got

what they wanted

in the scope of


sparks are gone

as is the voice

as is the love

as is my hart now

as i feel it coursing

through my veins

when it comes

i will go into that

quiet sleep

but until that moment

i will not regret

i will not regret

i did all i knew

for what its worth

this frosties froth

is all poofed away

and the rich flavor

going flat sitting

in the bottle

waiting to have its

taste treasured

and now its just

sitting on the shelf

gathering dust

yet its value

is like an anniversary

a treasure

that can't be measured

the difference

from aging beer

to aging rootbeer

one is meant to

be swallowed

in within a certain time

while the other

is to be sipped

in when the age is

just right

one leaves no affect

while the other

euphoria till its gone

so the after taste

is the flavor in the mouth

both are not meant

to last for eternity

what remains is

just a memory

of that moment

like everything else

we hold dear

change comes in

with time

we can either be

aging like wine

at an angle

or souring and

fading when upright


i am crooked angled

so my age is still

as good as the first


but next to me

i sit alone

the games people

play when they

open an aged wine

is just not a good

scene if they don't

know how to truly

enjoy it

savor it

let it swirl

let it twirl

let the aroma

fill the nose first

then the taste

slow and sipped

not rushed and gulped

there is no fun in that

you may get the high

first but you waste

the goodness of what

its meant to be

so now i sit

and wait

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