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in the moment of the air

that flows in the smoke

through the surfaces

of this heart's shattered dreams

and broken scars

there is someone

that never gives in

and always travels

on and on and on

through her lost

sea of the deep

grey eyes

and dark blonde hair

that is now lost

its luster and is thinner

than it was ever

meant to be

still surviving through

it all and one day

will shine again

just in a different way

always a fighter

till the bitter end

of these days

that are to come

I will overcome it

and be stronger

as always

wishing I wasn't

so far away

wishing I am always



the twists and twirls

into circles of the

brightest stars

up there are always

striking at the

burn of this flame

and its where I

have dreamed to be

ever since I was

a very young one

I knew then I would

do something

that would create

with my hands

and my mind

all the beauty

that I

see and then

I have done all of that

I never ended up

on the circuit to the

up but I am here

and still trying to make

it work somehow

and dim so dim

as the spinning dime

twirls around like the

world spins on its axis

this is always gonna

be when you walk


you aren't leaving

you are meeting reality

in the face

I will never do that

I can't no matter

what is thrown at me

I can't give up

its so deep in me

I don't know how

to be any other way

than I am

and I shared all I could

and laid it out on the line

and did walk the walk

and tried to do it

on my own

I have

kept my head above the

water and that says

alot for the inner strength

that is carried with a warrior

and its the way

this one roles

moving the wheels

to and fro

in and race

to nowhere

yet in my dreams

I am always soaring

high for the love

that still rests in me

will be given to

someone someday

and that is the only

thing I can do

is keep on going

and keep on

making it

through it

all and its

just one of those

things love and devotion

so much is there

and I see it

and feel it

and breathe it

for how else

and what else

can I do

let the candles

burn burn burn

all the way down

till the bitter end

gave it my best

shot and I still love you

know I still love you

running love

running love

up into the clouds

where no one else

will ever take this

in my dreams

in my heart

in my soul

in my personal space

in this in that

and its how I am

and how I always will be

and express it I will

and give it to you

I will always give it to you

my beloved

so my beloved

all my stories

and all my poems

and all my art

and all of me

all of me

this sweet amber

has built as shell

around my heart

for so many years now

that there is no

way its gonna crack

its got my heart

buried deep inside

its liquid gold

its pure liquid gold

and that is the treasure

no one can take away

and will always

be what we shared

then and now

so know I won't walk away

just alter the moving

view down that

brick road that turning

and waving its

dripping down

and dripping down

the wax pours in

the dish below

melted all away

melted all away

and it is flying far

far far away

and its in the

pulse and the rhythm

beating the drums

and pounding the guitar

in the stage your


you have

all the glory love

all I can do is watch

and turn the door knob

and open one door

as another is closing

and never look back

it existed strong

and it needed to be

and it was always there

and it was always there

in us both

in us both

just paths that crossed

once again

for a little while

I was falling in love

again so deep and deep

and now I have

to find that peace inside

that you so took

and took and took

and I gave and gave

and gave and

will always give

always give

its nothing else

its nothing else

yours forever

in the dreams

in the stairway to

another gateway

in the lifetime of

karma that rules

the stars and the

universe screams out

for what will never be

for what will never be

and what will always be

and what will always be

what will always be

in side

deep in the temptation

of what will never ever

falter from what was then

a cry in the pouring rain

where ones heart broke

and walked away

when the door was shut

and the other screamed

again to find and never did

and the other walked

and walked and walked

and walked and walked

through the gates of hell

and up into heaven

where she sits still in

peace and grace

in peace and grace

she looks down and smiles

back at us

back at us

and we go on

on and on

for one

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