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Poetry and Writings

AS MY ...

AS MY...


As my heart pumps blood

As my soul pumps light

there is but one thing

I now know to be truth

above all else

As my ears

heard the screams

As my mind is shattered

and returned to me

there is but one truth

I will love no more

there will only be one

in my hart til I die

With love from afar

and love from there

to love here

there will never be another

this is my solemn vow

my sacred oath

As my witness

the sands of time flow

with the loss of ancient

stones bit by bit

all fall away into the

same sand

That which we can

never undo or replace

that which is destroyed

living long in a memory

of those I cherish

flowing through my veins

is a royal line

that no one believes in

any more they all only see

what they want to see

I was her once

I am her now

I will be her again

but not on this plane

of existence

joining back to her

is all that I desire

it is a love beyond

any that we could comprehend

she knows me

i know her

i miss her with every

fiber of my being

this pain is a wallowing

sorrow beyond any other

you can't feel it

you can't smell it

you can't see it

you can't know it

you can't hear it

for it aches to my core

in a lonely place

wrapped around by

chains like iron burns

for I drank the holy water

and they fled from me

like I was the plague

saved my soul

saved my life

lost my hart in the process

I will walk with

this vacancy in me

for eternity ...

as I am only who I am

a mere human

with a soul that once

was connected

to history back when

the beginning of

my heritage was strong

no one other than

another of my kind

could understand this

that which flows in me

and has been taken from me

will carry a burden

that only I have to hold

I will never fall

but one day I will ascend

to be hugged again

by my mother

by my father

and then we will be as one


for I am the missing one

the unknown one

the young one

left out here

century upon century

til this day no longer


yet oh so very much


I know who I am

As my right hand

and my left hand

are spread does it flow

for nature is in me

as i am in it

they are all gone now

so long gone

why did they let me


that is a question

I will hold til my arms

are around her waist

again in her bed

in another lifetime perhaps

oh yes I am truly

not that of the cross

but I am a witness

of what the cross means

and left to defend

all that is precious

within and without

as it was to be before

they tore it from us

so I turned from that day

and all that claim it wrongly

and walk as my father

and my mother once did

the path that only calls

oh ravens stay by my side

oh my cats eyes protect

and serve and one day

as the truth I am

will I return to the only

place I call home...

and I will love no other

ever again in the same

matter as that moment

when all things from

the past to the present

crossed in and hit me

my dharma met my karma

For I am the daughter

to a religion that

has been long forgotten.

As all of us that know

there is more to the truth

than the way it is presented

in the form that has the

ability to be altered

when eyes view it and

translate it as they see


Time is relative to the

movement of who we

were and who we are

and who we will be

from one lifetime to another

doesn't make any of

us left out here to make

that step by step

up on the stairway

to where our souls

know we belong

to the human path

we travel as we enjoy

what living with mind,

body, and soul

truly means

We all are here doing

the same thing bit by bit

finding out which

path we choose to be

on a empty road that leads

nowhere or

the moving faster than light

to the end of what

is unknown

but one heck of an


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