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all the lies told

will one day come back


i will miss my heart

for all eternity

because of the lies

and no one knows

how i feel more

than my crying soul

for that which has

been done hurts more

than ever

why why why

truth is how can love

be so blind and yet

still care so much

how my heart will

forever ache for someone

that seems to be

not honest enough

to give me the truth

nothing i can do about that

but find a way to carry

on an it is ashame

that not another soul

will ever know how my love

could have been expressed

it is my choice

but as long as my hart aches

i can't change it

i will not love another

i can't love another

till the hole in my heart

is fixed the arrow struck me down

and into the ocean i fell

like the orion of my hart

why did i go look at that

why did it cross my mind

why does love ache so damn

bad i have loved before

i knew it well but why

does this one fucking hurt

so damn bad of all of

my lovers of all that i have

been in love with

for to this day

four that are forever someone elses

i cry and ache

alone so bloody alone

i wrote like that cause i was in love

my passion was real

my hart is real

my feelings are bloody real

as sweet as i am

and as lost as i am now

my god oh my goddess

carry my heart away

replace it with stone

make it cold so

that loves harsh wake

will never hurt me again

the last one to have

a broken hart

fix it

fix it so i can stop

crying all the damn time

know i don't hate

know i don't want to care

know i don't want

to be alone

at this fucking bottom

but i will forever more

be trapped by my own stupidity

to open my heart so deeply

to someone i didn't really know

i only thought i knew

so to the liar i hope they know

how hurt one can be

the only reason i am alive

is cause i loved so much

that they gave the chance

to live again

how could such a love so strong

be so bloody wrong

goddess ease my ache

ease my ache

so i will be ok

so i will be ok

oh all i think about is

how i want to be laid down

on that bed with arms around me

gently going to sleep

with the smell of flowers

and the candle flame burning

something i will never

feel again for all i have

is a lonely fucking bed

for love destroyed my ability

to find another

oh to the chains surrounding

my broken hart

in the grasp of the dragon claws

of years upon years

from the first to the last

that bled and bled

now the wound

doesn't bleed

yet one claw stuck there

it is still in deep

oh goddess come and

harden this ache please

so i don't care as much

so i don't feel it anymore

let it beat and let the flame

stay dim it down

so it rests in an eternal sleep

til a kiss brings it back

to life

and i can go on living

this existance

to the lies i hope they choke

on there own hatred

sorry for that feeling

once i thought

love shattered a life

i had no idea

how shattered it could get

now the glass that protected

the hart is gone

the rose petals all plucked

and the sorrow it

carries on the wind

with my tears that flow out

changing from rain

to snow to dew drops

this goddess is broken

love is broken

not sure if it will return

when i am gone it is gone

i don't won't want

to come back again

twice is too much

for any lifetime

i love so much

that is my fault

i love too much

that is always my fault

i let my hart love

when clearly

the other doesn't

so far far away now

drifting in the boat

with the flames rising

to the one that died

will i one day go too

i can't go now

but i can truly say

i miss her love

i miss my hart

i miss ...

i am missing this feeling

that has been replaced


if she can hear me

if she could only know

when the tears dry

they don't dry well

oh god to this sorrow

to the never ending dreams

of a space once felt

that can never return

without her i am lost forever

without her i am so bloody lost

i am trying to stop my

bloody hart from aching

for i fear it will break ending

my life it aches so damn bad

to the one that is here

who ever you are and you don't

have the guts to tell me

know how i feel

know what you have done

in the whispers of the wind

blowing out into the clouds

take my message and let

it be heard

a lonely kiss to the one

that stole me away

and took my heart with it

beat .... beat... beat... skip

skip... skip... beat...beat..beat

alive and lonely

do not tell me you like me

when you havent the guts

to really write me

so know i will never be yours

or no ones

i will not love again like that

i should have let it die long ago

i should have never tried again

i should never have been so

in love with someone

that can never be, can it?

more than a bloody mystery

liar liar liar

so i paint my life away

cause it is all i can truly

call my own

is the way i create

the way i wrote

the way i felt

was real hope they know

it was real for me

so real

to the memories

i love

and still hold dear

so real

i let go of the lies

and hold onto

the only thing i know

the truth

in my hart.

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