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Poetry and Writings


This is technically a blog layout where you can write entries and so from this post forward I will be posting some of my poetry and other writings. I will warn ahead of time that my writings some have erotic content, some are influenced by movies, artworks, people, and books. If there are any that seem to infringe on copyrights realize I don't mean to for most of my poetry is Prose or mini Story like anyhow... It is my point of view, my opinions, my words, my feelings, my thoughts, and some are just simply from dreams.

Many come from my past journals and written pages which many have no date or time so some that I remember the dates and times I have added others I just put the new date to. Some are written as they were and many, so many I altered and may even alter again as I write them. If altered I will note that its been updated from its original state yet I may or may not give the original state that all depends on the subject matter at hand. So you know I been writing my feelings in the form of what I call Poetry since 1984 which is a very very long time ago. Many are from the struggles with emotions since I am an Aquarian by birth. A lot of the writings are influenced by the moods I was in or the things that I was researching at the time they were written. Most deal with my inferior points of relationships growing up until I became adjusted to that was just my inner thoughts working ways to deal with the pain, the sorrow, the loss, the hurt, the joy, and all the things inbetween. The First one I am posting is SILENT STORM and its brand new...

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