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My heart is wounded

Oh low from the thunder

and lightning in the rain

as of today

this moment

this second

with her gone

its gone with the rain

down in the depth

of this soul

that which came

to murder

has taken

and done what

it was set out to do

there is none

left without a broken


hear my cry

hear the thunder

hear the lightning

of the one that is

forever separated

from love

up in the hill

safe behind the locked


yet silence kills

the once star

that burned brightly

is no longer

seeing the stars

she so loved

sometimes they peak

through and carry

her a smile

but most of the time

now its mixed in


and clouds of the

night sky

to the one

that her heart was

not supposed to

turn to stone

to always be

safe from that harsh


the tears of heaven

rain down

like the ghosts that

remain in the

sparks of tiny lights

for all roses that

are cut soon wilt

never to be replaced

only can a new one

come and lay in

the seasons to the

moment of bloom

til its on the ground

each and every one

bleeds within itself

where justice now

lays and the cold

metal holds in the stone

that turns its head

like the silver that

tarnishes in the lost

when all the ravens

have circled and crowed

and left there mark

its only a matter of


each of us feels

the sadness

the sorrow of that


to become a memory

of all that is left

we cherish what we


though in time

all fade into that

same darkness

for there is no one left

in heaven or hell

to do but weep

for the mother is now

chained into

a cage that

one day will ripple

through the earth

when the reaper comes

to take the only

one that knows away

will then the moment

through each soul

left know the truth has

spoken and

the darkness won

despite all the efforts

to escape that chaos

only one is left to follow

in the footsteps

of the one cruicified

and we all know

we all know

the rose and the sword

that walked hand in hand

are now trapped

in the light that shines

before the thunder

that split second silence

rings and rings and rings

like the screams that once

filled the ears

simple and true

only one carries with her

the knowledge of what

has been done

for said to forever be

separated from that love

for all eternity

cuts like a knife

into the soul of the one left

i close my eyes

to see her before me

in that moment before

he said walk away

and she walked away

there are no other

images that haunt as much

as to see the one

i loved walk away

and not save me as i asked

i was told to open the door

and take with me

only one thing

and out the door into

the rain would i walk


i took up my stick

the one i made and etched

and my cloak and

out the door i went

standing at the stairs

hearing her call out

to me come walk with me

lay with me in the rain

in the ground

in the nature

i just stood there

i wanted to go

i was being beckoned

to go

and yet i stood there

i said out to her

mother oh great mother

i want to walk with you

i truly do to keep you


yet i don't want to die

i have a purpose yet

i have to stay here

i have to find the one

that still holds my heart

in there hands

she said that is my

daughter she will not come

to you

she will not comfort you

she will bring you

only misery if you follow

that road

don't leave into the night

don't leave into the light

stay with me here

on earth and walk with me

in the rain

into the rain

i cried my tears

as the rain washed them

away and in that

moment she said

in the rain when you

walk with me

you will then be as i am

i walked into the rain

only when it was sprinkling down

standing on the stairs

and then she said

if you don't walk to

the woods with me

and lay down there

we three will not come


I stood in the rain

and let it wash over me

saying don't let me die

in the rain let me stay

dry for now and only be

in the sprinkling of rain

for awhile longer

she then said i will not

wait its not the way i am

i will walk into you now

and stay with you awhile

before i am called back

to share that what i can

keep you alive when the

hounds of my daughters

come to take you away

i will not let them do so

then i will walk away

and the earth will be

as it was only for as

long as there is breath

of just one soul left

and i then walked back inside

and cried myself to sleep

into the flowered chair

and when i awoke into

a nightmare vision

did i flow in and out

of the world i once knew

into that rain oh...

that rain


wash the wounds away

of the one that left me

here and took from me

something I will never get


oh to the rose of who

i am to the rose of who

i wish i could be

and the rose that will

never be ...

oh Mother will i ever

be walking with you again

I miss you so now...

from that moment a year

ago ...

Oh to the gifts you

left with me and to

the ones you took from me

know that she has

returned back to me

that which all was taken

so I will go sit by her side

when that day comes

to claim

I will sit with the one that

protected me from

all that wanted to take me

from this world I so love

I will walk that path

til the eternity of my soul

meets the great mother

once more...

into that rain

that sprinkling rain.

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