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Aberrāre Venustās

Aberrāre Venustās


latin for astrayed attractiveness

in the belief that this world

is real

thinking of you and I

Happiness is attracted to me

so let it be

as a moth is attracted

to such a flame as this

the attraction is so great

it cannot be resisted

“it draws, it pulls”

Here is the luck

and happiness

well deserved

worked so hard for this

it is right

they be bringing

to US

it swings tongues

the ever changing thoughts


to be owned

A star in the dawn

in my heart

it is going to be alright

in the gloomy night

A star that sheds sweet

comfort with her light

Promising me now life and joy

Oh, do not lie!

Life as the ocean to the moon

swells free

So mounts my Soul

Daring and Glad

to be with thee

“Oh, do not Lie!”

to they and to thy

Light of Joy


“Oh, do not lie!”

for what we do in life

echoes for eternity

no matter how great

or how small it may seem

In the trees the flames burn

the arrows fly

the cries are heard

the swords and shield

clang and thrust

the sweat, the fear,

the death

is all around

the birds circle

the wilderness

as it all falls

crumbling down

around their feet

the echoes of battle smoke

and steam rise

and reseeded

victory is a hollow field

covered wagon carries

the torn flags

still fly high mast

the hero is not

the one that holds

the hand of glory

washing the blood away

with these tears

the God’s have a blessing

to the harvest

time won the way

from beggar and thieves

the cold bitter wind

blows the east

to the north and back again

darken hearts

and lightened wisdom

let us truly sit and talk

as one

the world is brutal

and crewel

then please grant this wish



writing whispers

of the peace

that never seems to come

simple and plain

sweet smells

and fragrant power

swiftly carries like

the feather upwards

it goes

embracing the silence

in a lost opportunity

know that when one door is closed

another is opened

there is a reason

that that all fell apart

life is more important

to the one

that survives

for what the future holds

is so forth coming

to the heart of a warrior

surrounded by the skulls

and ghosts

of wings broken

and the sun shining

as it sets over the seas

in a rushing rage





and perserverance




and broken dreams

thwarted to one

honest and true

used and abused

lightening struck




the clock tower rings

as the heavenly

hosts pulse

the gifts will not come

the promises broken into two


was then it was all taken away

will it come back

in the blink of an eye

burnt offerings

for one last attempt

to bind the hearts

sang so high

the hands linked


as the minds

intellect soared

in a frenzy of games of

will and focus


the darkness

for silver rising moon

yet as the others


their con – coined


vengeance is mine

sayth the Almighty Lord

know that to forgive

is possible

forget is unforgettable

it will not end this way

I refuse to let it go

end the end

will be ours

to praise

it is how we leave it

that will be remembered

all I need

all I want

is to spread love to one

its burned

in these loins for so long

like the blood that flows from

a forever wound

each of us

has a destiny

each of us

has a purpose

know its not I that destroys

but others that tried

I am always yours

taking and never giving they did

will I be a martyr

will I always sacrifice all

for the just cause

is my battle

it is a just cause

there is worthiness in this


there is so much love

so much more

to be gained

than just physical

yet the physical is a powerful tool

to push the highest

to the lowest

and back again

forming a idea

that greatness

is based on faith


and my faithfulness

for the greatest

sacrifice is that which

one succumbs

through compromise

the calling is in one being

to follow and to lead

under one guise


unconditional love for all

no matter what is

no matter what was

no matter what will ever be

bound for eternity

to the one that will

always carry my heart

for I want to pick

her up

and praise her

to shower in her grace

and beauty

not in riches

or fame

or fortune

but in making sweet love

always to sweet love

the rest will follow

but isn’t the reason

the belief in

a fever of change

a great name

that must be

changed in order to live

to love with so much

in my mind

it lives always

we mortals are nothing but

mere shadows

and dust

candles lit all around

the up in the air

seared marks

the flames rise

and strong they are

and steady they always are

the snake lays coiled


yet not without its eyes open

ever so open

when it awakes and strikes

at its enemies

as they come and strike

at its flesh

taking bits and bites

it stops

it is still

laying and waiting

as they strike

to corrupt the snake

yet you can’t corrupt the willing

nor can you corrupt the heart

it sees only one

no matter who is on the other side

there are many ways

to fight a battle

some are with love

some are with blades

and some are by taking all one holds dear

not that this love


and deserves to be heard

to be felt

by the right one

death is always smiling at us

and we can’t do anything

but smile back at it

we all do what we must do

I will love only one

till the day I die

my only wish is that

that one will love me back

and love me

flesh to flesh

heart to heart

soul to soul

we will all be

gifted in the words

of that which only we will always


which only we will always be

in the light through the doors

walking through

the fields of wheat

the earth shall be restored

and in freedom for all

justice shall reign

and peace shall be given

where there is no disease

no more loss

no more pain

no more thirst

one day

for I have a dream

and that dream

will one day

be again

after the ground


the rain will fall

that rain will nourish

you and I

take my hand love

take my hand and come save me

so I don’t fall

and then remember that

our dream can be

a lot more than only a wishful thought

a dream is all

I will ever need

to make reality

I hear those words

sadness fills my heart

and memory dies

into the forgotten chants

of the most holy walking

on will the vision

be so brought to happiness

for that which doesn’t kill

us makes us stronger

to the one that is stronger

to the one that is strong

sometimes becomes so tired

of the ever struggle

however the zest for life

is even more

powerful tool

for the gift of us

rememberance for a little while

come lay with me

enjoy the time we have left

what I shared

what I have experienced

in the joys of it all

for we may not be able

to please everyone

all the time

but we may please the few



truly serenading me

serenading you

to the one

for when the last dance

finally calls

let it be

in arm to arm

breast to breast

no fear

no harm

no less a purpose

do I serve

eternally bringing

the word of God

the energy Source

of both light and dark

for both are we

always present

that the answer to all ills

lays within

each and every soul

to stand together

as one

united in the everlasting


that is the key

to everything



that in the end

I may feel your sweet lips upon

my brow

upon my beating heart

upon my ever hungering stomach

upon my fruitful richness

between my legs

do I wish to be

before I am to never see

the light of day again

let this one wish be

for you

for me

for them

for all

for it is the truth

the ever shining light

is the flaming sword

within it is always


so shall it be

for there is a time for us

for in order

to make a dream a reality

one must first open


and all will surely

come to pass

even if I never see it in this lifetime

I know it will be

a blank page

free from destinies ills

to hold fast to Fate

is truly what we choose

to make it be

with or without

is not the question

for the choice of this life

is already made

to live

not die alone

is not in my hands

but in the hands of one that

I trust with all my might

it has locked

my chains are broken free

to the Earth Mother

I will be with always

forever more

ashes to ashes

dust to dust

all must feel the darkest

before the dawn

so if nothing else

ever crosses your path

again by chance

we should not

let it go

we should meet

it with a giant smile

and all will be right as rain

till the end

till the end my love

for sometimes

its out of our hands

and into the forces that be

to decide which path is right

for you

you are right for me

I am right for you

right for us

The flower is always yours

in the zone sweet zone

of love for all

red velvet heart case

held together in the dragons claws

like the white rose

never forget the rose

is nothing but Love

take my memories

take my choices

take my words

and when I am gone

give it all to the world

my art

my poetry

the facts


that Love is always that which

is left to remain


this Astrayed Attractiveness

is to be

You are ...

in my heart

in my soul

in my mind

in my arms

- -

wrote this while watching Gladiator

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