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Creature of the Night


Time eludes the heart

protecting it from intruders

as the day slowly passes into night

strange alliances of creatures below

in the darkness there it is their domain

no one escapes

The blood pours on to the floor

passing through the hardwood as it soaks in

it is a living… one that only night surrenders to it’s whim

the sun is never seen in all its beauty

death lingers as a shadow

caring not for anything but itself

how sweet the odor

fills the room, now that its over

onto another place more is needed

for the thirst pulse through the veins

surely passion forms in a fleeting moment

then it is gone

leaving unsatifaction and a desire to kill

fear gives in to the grasp

of thrills, frighten how it takes a hold

and won’t let go

striking again for the fear subsides

as the thrill of warm blood

smooths down the throat

the beast is full

and goes home until another night

faces of crowding views in the surrounding

deformity and metal pieces flash in sight

what once was is no longer real

all is fighting for every right of imagination

the heat surpasses the smells of death and decay

purely hell on earth or what it could have been

continuing on a mission to solve unknown

with little less flesh and more cold steel

machinery the never ending cycle

it is a shadow,

the kiss of death awaits


sounds of the pulsing heart clears thoughts

back into the room the music

can still be heard as the

smoking cigarette is put out.

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