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Poetry and Writings


Light my FIRE


words spoken ring in my head

pulsing the spark from dim

into a blaze so bright it

blinds piercing the long

dead heart to feel again

to pump liquid fire down

my spine it flows ...

Into the Fire we go

summer breeze caresses the soul

hugging the body so tight

its hard to breathe

the tension of instant attraction

its come back around again

so alive so free so wild

dancing in tune to the beat

every second a brand new

thought kissing into oblivion

deep and true it does lay

soothing whispers in the night

help carry it onward

never to let go again

scratched on paper

here's to the past

burn,burn,burn away

stay strong, beautiful

always with you near

so shall it be

deeper and deeper

the power rises like the


and into your arms

forevermore soon I pray

torture its to wait in agony

never knowing if its

just all in my head

so close to insanity

closer than fine

Into this fire which burns

long and true like a

candle in the window

guiding you to my presence

it never went out

just got so bloody lost

from the thief that ripped

it away

but we are back now

just as if we never parted

longing in this fire its

electrifying the places in

between so hot it burns

built up with pressure so

tense its searing into

mindless blissful union

kissing the heart gently

but fiercely devouring the

juices of the flow of fire

it glides down the throat

lighting the cold within to

fade away instantly...

twisting and turning

yearning and burning

churning and tumbling

locked in the eternal embrace

time and space are divided

its cosmic love only

long flowing hair shines

up against the short hair

of rocking back and forth

in a sensual empathic motion

to the voice

that soars to bind

always calling always sending

it faster and faster down

the line it sears the pulse

to shutter and shake in and out

the harmonies flow into the fire

sweating and blending the two to one

sliding and gliding erotic

to the bone it goes

we will go infinity screams it so

with fingers linked grabbing

hold and pulling you farther

to the edge of what you know

and what you feel

the darker side of nothingness

into oneness so shall it be

for it only can be experienced

from one soul to the other

the bright blue light

energizes the beat of the drums

in rhythm of pure delight

always ready always fun

always seeking the ultimate goal

found in this fire only

will the ice melt and

leave behind a cool breathe of air

to tantilize the breasts of

this temptation to no longer be

but to be fulfilled in exctasy

no more rain no more storms

only love remains

for this is the truest statement

that can be made

locked in a firey blaze heatened

by the minds thoughts

expressed in shear smiling comfort

laying spent and pleased

the souls turn to face each

other eye to eye

finally in heaven where

they belong ...

till the end of time

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