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Poetry and Writings

Ǻngel Crys

(Wrote this after I had moved back home and lost a close friend because of my bf at the time didn't like us being together. She left then it took me 15 years to find her again ... She is in Sweden now and married and we have gathered our friendship back up but I doubt I will ever get to see her again... and if she reads this she needs to know I got rid of him because of that within a month later I kicked him out for good but couldn't get back with my best friend it hurt bad for a long long time.)

Ǻngel Crys


When that day comes

I will turn and walk away

for I now realize

the Truth

do you need me

nor do I think I can ever compare

my heart was locked away

and for the rest

of my life

I will always love you

this is sad but true

my heart lays in a bed of nails

from all the tears

too late to be saved

so I wish you all the best

you truly deserve it

wish you luck and blessings

and all the love

of the world I give to you

the world will know

your name

and here is where

you belong

you deserve to have

any part of the world

how could I ever been so blind

so gone before

that I just left you behind



trust your heart


and your wish will come true

now I am a shadow

to the angel

who captured my heart and soul.

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