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ring around the rosary

ring around the rosary


walking this road alone

has its ups and downs

where no one sees the truth

they all want to see

what they want to see

and how they feel about it

so we will never reach

a moment of genius

cause we are humanity

we have so much to

look forward too

so why is it all this

gigantic big lie

where do we fall in this

where are we sitting

at the crossroads

and each direction

is endless

there is just a few

ways to go now

one is right one is wrong

its so narrowed down

do i listen

do i walk away

do i stay

do i go

will it matter in the end


what was is gone

what is it just is

and what will be will be

we have no say so in this


nor did we ever have it

we just thought we did

you and i

and the world


here i am in my little spot

looking out

while you are out in it

and looking in

silence is golden

silence is death

awake is not much easier

so which is the death

and which is the awake

what is reality

and what is false

its a huge mind fucker

when you are locked in it

and can't get out

so you do what you can

and make do

this is how it is


wondering every time

without fear mind you

just wondering

just exactly what will

invade into this system

and take it down

how long will it take

will it be a week

a day

a year

or ten years

or twenty years

or thirty years

ring around the rosary

that i have never carried


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