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Walking On this Earth

Walking On this Earth


We are the ones that

are here on this earth

we have the ability

to give life or take life

we are the ones that

make the choices

the decisions

the desires that rest

deep inside

cover up your demons

as you refuse to face them

while I walk on and continue

through the games

they all played

in and out of each and

every day

Until there is nothing else

we all look to the sky

and water the plants

feed the animals

the joys that our eyes

view within the glass

like the sparkling kalidescope

we travel on in an endless

path avoiding the hub

of the busy world all around us

for what they view and see

and do is not where we are

the artists point of perspective

the creative pulse that feeds

in our veins like the blood

flowing the thrill of the

feeling of our nerves firing

as we continue to move

in and out of the

sweet spectrum

like a photograph stilled

in the moment we flow

in the moving video of

a outside inside walk

on this earth

for those that are weak

for those that are strong

for those that have no clue

for those that love and

sacrifice all they have

in their souls

in their souls

the light fades

in the night when they

all walk away

we are the ones left

carrying on the torches

within our hearts alone

missing them yet we have

no way to blame

or back track knowing

that its not our fault

we are the ones that have

to continue when they

are all gone

some deal with it by

escaping reality

others paint there hearts content

while some move on

finding new ones and

never looking back

while there are those that

never forget for all

those that become

forgotten in time

until that moment reaches us

and we are faced with the same

results and know that we

are leaving others behind

us that journey we take alone

yet surrounded by the memories

and treasures of our lives

like the reels of film

now spread out like technology

for all we say and do and

express is there for all else

to view cause we

so choose to show who we are

and carry it forward

when all the tears have dried

and all the emotions

cooled to the stone

we are the ones that carry on

we are the ones that

either let go of that which

hurt us or we hang on to it

like a tattered and torn piece

of cloth

we have to find that point

to let the healing soak in

and be grateful for all the

moments we have each second

while we can

like the bright lights

the illusion of sparkles and shines

do they blink in and out

or are they solid

in color or just one in particular

irony when the angel on top

of your tree lights go out

and all the rest are still bright

for that bulb needs replacing

and its the white one

and at the top oh the symbolism

is strong and pulls at the

curious thought of this perfumed

love long gone

trying not to let the memories

haunt anymore

some would say its about time

for years ago it marked

you scaring you

changing the path you have

to cross and its like you been

walking ever since stuck

in the in between of then and now

ever other aspect of it is gone

yet you still have that memory

of a lifetime ago

surrounded with those that

make your fire inside flame high

from family to friends to lovers

we all live in and out on that path

from the beginning to the end

and I am grateful that I

can still sit here and then get up

and walk out that door

and walk down that hill

and walk the concrete path

to where ever I want to go

when so many never get that

opportunity to have a

second chance you can bet

one thing for sure

I will never ever waste it

I do what I love to do

and how I love to do it

creating, drawing, painting,

viewing, laughing, loving,

and all the ups and downs

that go with life for I am living

and living with a huge peace

in my heart and my head

even if the sadness covers

the walls like a shield

the smile is genuine

and will always shine brightly

even when the brightest light

is gone it tells me there are

still many more shining.

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