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(Funny how a poem written for someone else that walked away can be turned to a new and present someone that won't walk away. Future and Fate are what we make of it as is the Memories of those we shared it with ... )

Colors of Love


The air that

we breathe is ours

with all the

colors of the world

in the nature and

the ones we make

so the sky is up

and on the ground

its cool to touch

cause the rain fell

but in that rain

I was for once happy

dancing with joy

for the one with me

around me and

comforting me

through the

long distances we

are always one

in spirit, one in body

one in mind,

and one in heart

and so in the days

that come

I will walk this path

I am treading

with my head

held high and my

heart tied to a

wonderful purpose

and then there will

be a time for us

the time we feel

and we sense

during even if

its only in our dreams

the light is there

flaming so high

soaring in our

shared love

knowing that

this LOVE is

eternally deep inside

and will remain always


so many days that

I want to be with you

with us

and know its just

in the clouds

for the moment

I will wait in this

momentary position

with a smile

on my face forever

for the moments

we share

and the times

we don't its so hard

to be this way

but I welcome the


and the spaces in us

the luxury of love

is the peace

that sparks

the cords of music

I listen to as the

shift into our

enlightened hearts

of all that see

and feel and touch

the roof is off

the music is loud



in my head

in my space

if no where else

for it is pulsing

in the rhythm of this heart


in the bright colors

no more grey

alone for in that

grey is the sun

shining behind

the clouds

bringing with the

blue sky a

colorful rainbow

growing and

learning and



there is to be exploring

within my surroundings

and capablities

its within and

without and

in between

we will be everything

within and without

and in between

it is Light...

we will be growing

within and without

and in between

it is Life...

we will be exploring

within and without

and in between

it is LOVE...

we will be experiencing

within and without

and in between

it is AlWAYS...

in the unconditional

ways I express everything

I do and that we

we will be learning

within and without

and in between

it is ALL!!!!

So such a fantastic

wonderful adventure

between you and I

in the ups and

the downs

within and without


that is just beginning

and you will see

and I will see

and the world will see

that the vibration won

this new way of being

into the om of everything

and is there for only those

that actually feel the beat

and appreciate

its TRUE meaning

and in time as I see

its well worth the

wait to the ever

flowing coursing

river of the wonderful

sound of the music

in my ears

to help in bringing

the colors of love

the colors of life

the colors of light...

that flow in and out

of the beauty of

the all the world

has to offer so

to life that is our

paradise my lover

of my past long gone

to one day we will be lovers

in the present of

which is only today

in the tomorrow

not just of the page

but reality

for our dreams

will be reality and

our reality

our dreams

to one day that

will be the

beginning of

our forever as

my dear together

- then we will be able

to love eternally

our blood will be mixed

to bind and no one

else will have this

through our consumated fact

this pact will be

our deepest bond

beyond the rings of one

to another

beyond the hearts

we connect through

for then nothing will ever

come between us again

Love makes things

possible through the


so in my dreams

off to the


of expressing

being alive

the highest love there

is ...

is having that

moment to share

and that moment

to just be...

so off I go

to just be ...

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