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Poetry and Writings


To the heart of who I am .... who I was... and who I will always be...



I will always be here

and its all I can ever


now I'm so sorry

hearts and love

This heart of mine

is still believing in

something that carries

me through

why do we have

to be so lost baby

if there is

any way to

make this right





eternally here

one and the same

all of you

I love you all

and one day

all of this will

make sense

to my dear

friends forevermore

the eternal fan

glowing and blowing


the beginning

and the end

have a good night

and a good day

from here

to there

where I will never

be yet still ...

wild and free

fun and us

and them

the plan

the setup

the days

always inch pass

this will only be

what you desired


no more sad

so don't you be

don't be mad

and don't ever



and do what

is right...

I know

and it hurts

but what else can I do

what can I ever do

when this is in me

dont let me go

dont let me fall apart

yet down I went

so now ...

in the waterfall

I will go gracefully

washing it over me

for what is wonderful

will always be

just is it was supposed

to be personal

and sacred

within time

and the universal


and its all we can do

the emotions

us into the free

so close and

so far away

the ever pull of this

to wake us up

oh dear in all of us

of what will never be

to what is so real

within the secret

the silence


heart beats

even in the

broken lies

there is a beautiful

truth without a thorn

I can be, can you be

the choice we chose

its only words

I have tried my love

my dear


to what is gone

and on forward

to what

is and will always be

oh dear

that is the way it goes

and I know...

all I wanted

can never be

yet it has been

so strong

in and out

of it all

one thing remains

my hart is still..

oh dear

so still now

so to all to be happy

don't let anyone

take what you and I

truly know that

no one else can


in the moment

that was sweet and kind

not the twisted and dark

that was taken

its just what was

and I shared all I felt

and all I loved

and its Just me

you know that

and you know what it means

and what it doesn't

and understand

that I will always

just be

just sweetly be

oh dear ...

as friends

friends forever

in the caring

and sharing

of just being

written words

forgive my blindness

in the binding

that caught up

with me from

the ritual long ago

that I had no

clue about but

do now

so do I know

now and oh

the path chosen

will never ever

be down the road

it was meant to go

for I refused to be

that which I was

told to be

for I love

way too much

the place I walk

the nature around me

and the sky

oh to the sky

when all the sparks

fly and are gone

binded blindness

in the sea of secrets

between the lies

and the truth

tears that fell

and sun shines

after the rain

and yeah I guess

they were right

I couldn't let it go

if there is a moment

in time don't forget

just forgive

and please still


cause we

will always be

sweet cherished memories

sublime and happy

you sing and sing loud

and I will be here

expressing just expressing

for once we were friends

and not the darkness

that took us into a place

I am not ashamed just

sorrow filled the space

where my hart remains

maybe one day

I will know why

all of this has truly

came in

and left the physical

scars I carry

has it...

been worth while

there is no vain attempt

to right that which

has gone wrong

if for nothing else dear

know you have taken

this faded broken one

this shattered life

these sad eyes

and made them shine again

and express my hart

in a better way

if nothing else

from it all know

my friend that

I smile

in just being here

with me

without me

when we are

and when we aren't

I am alive

and it is so

sweetly insane

when you are gone

Its silence I cry to

walking alone

and I know it

and when you are here

my friend

leaving far running

so running

into the brightness

like the leaf showing

its essence

talk the talk

walk the walk

and be with your loved ones

for that is all we

all can do and be

I am just me

I will always be me

there is no loss this time

there will be tears cause

I care more than anything

Its how we are

and let it be

so let it be

is your heart in this too

mine was so tangled

and it was so wondering

and its so sweetly to know

that there was someone

definately there

in my darkest time

to bring me back out

of that fading away

in the end it may not be you

that I end up with

and that is ok

in some silence I still

want to hear

want to feel

want to be

and I know I am not

alone in that

no one can

take away that

which I will not be

ashamed for

even if it was gone

long long ago

and they tried to make

me think it was still here

love will remain

in whatever form

it can be shown

and love it struck me

like lightning and nothing

I can ever do about it

Know I could walk away

know you could walk away

and I would never know

that this fate has brought

such a living hell

yet I will always find

some type of happiness

and beauty of heaven

on earth within the

confinds that I am so

tied to and seem not to escape

I make the best of it

and carry on

in the only way I can

you have nothing to lose

I have nothing to lose

all that we have to gain

I am ok in this system shock

of reality mixed with fantasy

all tried to change who I am

and know it will never be

the same yet I will never

be changed in to the darkside

of the moon

no matter what

path they lay out before me

and it won't ever be undone

you can undo all that was

begun and know

it hurt me

it broke me

it destroyed me

yet I got back up from that

edge and conquered the lies

and survived it

oh to the one

that struck at me

what is in the secrets

I know there could at

any moment a strike come

like the bite of a snake

yet know that a snake

can not destroy a dragon

and I would have to start

all over again

and there would be nothing

I could do about it

yet something has struck

the cerebral brain

to have taken that faithful leap

of what we all risk

when we truly want something

the thing my best friend

didn't understand and therefore

is not my best friend

anymore is ...

that its worth the risk

to have love is so worth the risk

baby always

they see it

as I see it

they feel it

as I feel it

we communicate in the

strangest way

well we did once

and it was

so loud and clear

No matter what is lost

No matter what ends

know that there is a beginning

of a higher love

and compassion rules

this hart forevermore

so shouting

in the split seconds

of us

where the lines

blurred and

the western

view of me grew out

into the eastern northern


from my southern

upbringing to be

more open and free

than I ever was back then

that carries me

through each day