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Poetry and Writings


Amphora A two handed wine jar the peacock symbol of Juno in gamelion the white goose sacred to the goddess Hydrchous the cup bearer of Jove of whom statius wrote in his Thebais on Golden wings The Phrygian to the stars Nourisher of the dew whose eggs were hatched by the showers hydriourus the genius of the fountains of the nile the life giving waters of the Earth Aquarius stains th' inverted year frigious anno with moisture babylonia calls it Shabatu the curse of the rain of the 11th constellation the Gu Akkadian Ku-ur-ku the seat of the flowering waters Rammanu the goddess of the storm Imma Lord of canals 15,000 yrs old when the Sun enters the nile floods The Egyptians Monius - Muau the place of good fortune limited to the stars as a coptic lunar station the setting of Aquarius brings the Rising of the Nile Al Dalw Alsakib Almf Kurgha part of the great serpant Tien Yuen and the dark warrior Hiven Ying hero of the darkly flourishing one Khumbaba recalls its flame elamite divinity the storm thunder leader the Udruvaga with Magi and Druids its the whole science of the astronomy the butlere of the gods the server of water provider to quinch the crimson thirst the Skinker opposed the Lion raised might southwest winds unstable as water the fountain is the head of the dying doesn't justify the positiveness see in the orient before the dawn rise by a path that long remains not dim the divination by points in the ground arranged Y part Aquarius, part Pisces, part Taurus the airy trigon a sign of No small note, since there was no disputing that its stars possessed influence, virtue, and efficacy whereby they altered the air and seasons in a wonderful, strange and secret manner the governor of the legs horizon with the sun weather was always raining keeping man in its clutches junonis astrum Juno and Jove its guardians bore rule over Cilicia,Tyre, Arabia, Tatary, Denmark, Russia, Lower Sweden, Westphala, Bremen, and Hamburg An Aqueous blue the care of the various winds the east or southeast and the south the undulating line of waves where rods are measured The ancient nilometer the source never traceable of its symbols a great mystery the bas relief of Asiatic Cybele Aquila or more a probably the Vulture our Lyra chiefly the Urn so the Urn flows on ceaselessly the effuser aque richness in doubles, clusters, and nebulae The lucky one of the Kingdom Al sa'd al mulk The absorber of all light the very white exactly on the celestial equator bearer of Lei - A tear Al Dalw is the most prominent of the first stars in the stream with 100 stars surrounding it the star of might destiny Al sa'd Al su' ud within it a wish to be found the star fountain the imperial guardian crystalline belt of heaven Aquarius to whom King Jove has given two liquid pulse streams 'stead of feathered wings Varuna the goddess of the waters and chief of the Aditas, and all children of Aditi, The sky and the heavens... The WATER-BEARER

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