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WITHIN OUR BEAUTY & THE BEASTS THAT REST THERE the things that go bump in the night are the things that set your heart a light in and out of the dark side of your mind that flows with the mist of the eerie like a twisted crooked tree blowing in the wind unique and graceful in the weirdness of what makes one frightened makes another thrilled its all in the point of view and with you and i we are twins in the scope of things one from above walking on the below and one from the below walking on the above oh to the fuse that we both will be walking one day in the clouds away from all the reeds and weeds no one can tell which is which in this day and age.... to the melodies in the tips of a guitar or the depths of the corner piano keys where things all are more towards that way of going or coming the little crooked smile shines bright....walking in the night

down the path through the woods

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