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"so much of it is so damn cold now i have to hold onto that part that isn't" in hopes to find a way that this life is worthwhile and no longer in such a vain attempt to be out of hell and just a tiny slice of heaven would be nice every now and then but i try to create a story or write on that which i did before i try but its never right i know i do my best even if its never ever enough at least while i am here i can say i have done what i loved to do no matter what no matter how small i am or if i ever make it out of this when you are young you don't think about how the future will be cause you have that sparkle in your eye and think no matter what my will is strong enough then things get in the way of those dreams and yet with each turn i fought to have just a tiny slice of that pie and make what i love to do count but the odds keep stacking and i keep finding ways to try to stay me and have a warm heart but so much of it is cold now in and out of the moments of happiness those moments i cherish and hold onto like a glue that keeps all from falling apart that dark side of me tends to go deeply down yet ... i love anyhow i force my self to keep my head above that line where my nose is not breathing sometimes memories leave one heck of a scar yet i keep going as long as there is a tiny piece of my heart that is still pumping that warm blood back around to clear out all the cold steel that sits there because something in me just refuses totally refuses to give up on love and life and what it means to me so i keep walking i keep crawling i keep running with a dream that one day it will shine and stay shining i keep doing it cause i know nothing else in this world matters more than the love that keeps my heart from turning one hundred percent cold. 'cause i know

i will be ok

'cause i still

deep down

have my hart.

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