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Ironic Irony

Ironic Irony

I said what the heck

pic up the book

and randomly open it


I havent done in a

long time for a very

good reason…

there are many things

going on and you have

no clue what to think…

so it cant hurt to look

can it…

asking that same ole

question I asked years ago

as I open it under the

guidance of stoichiometry

and boy I should know

better by now to just not

do that … to let things

be and never open

that book in that way again

but no I did it and this

time its not on the same

page its been on for

months… for last few

years no its different

oh what I turned too

page 246 and the words

there struck me deeply

as I looked to that page

first so I go with what is


not sure which one

is the meaning its tellin

maybe all three there

so the beginning in the

star name book

begins on the ending

of one… the club of

hercules marked by the

cujam star the middle mountain

the fourth magnitude

the chinese Chang Shan

the binary with a period

of about 45 years

the distance seldom exceeding…

which that reminds me of the

quotes I was looking at this morning

when I got up … about having

a big bat stick and that my

troubles would see troubles coming

that way now…

then it goes to the

horologium oscillatorium

the pendulum clock

lies to the eastward of Achernar

of eridanus and north of hydrus

the only object in it known

to be of special interest is

a variable star detected

by the harvard observers

in Peru changing light

for a period of three hundred days

then the Chemica Fornar

or Horoscope…

which brought to mind the fact

of time and its ticking of

the things that are unfolding now

in our history of humanity

and the short messed up things

that are bordering on the world

so being in that insanity of things

then at the bottom of the page

“Close by the serpant spreads;

whose winding Spires

with order’d stars resemble

scaly Fires.”

-Creech’s Manilius

The hydra, water snake

the Dragon of Aetes.

That pretty much speaks for

itself … at least I think so…

I so should know better by

now than to look at that book

in that way… but do I listen

no curiosity gets me each time

and now I got my answers

whether I wanted them or not…

in deep contemplation over

the mess doing that cause

in the beginning of things

when I got to the point I screamed

at the heavens that I just didn’t

want to know anymore

but oh I was wrong … so wrong

and yeah I do want to know

in that evil thing called hope

thinking maybe if I see it

I can better prepare for it

and do something to change

the bloody outcome.. knowing

that it makes no difference now…

oh I am the wise fool in all

of this …oh such a fool am I…

closing the book and put

it back on the shelf… even

if something is as old as books

are written maybe …

somethings in this world

should never ever be known.

Because there is no good in

that no good in that at all.

So I try not to over think it

or interpret what it really

is saying cause I already

knew that but just didn’t want

to… thinking maybe …

but no the fool in me said

It will be different and

something good may come

from knowing the answer

so No I will not do that

again… that is so done now…

and no I can’t change

a bloody thing or have even

a tiny say so in the scope

of the way the world does

what its gonna do for humanity

so loves its messed up ways.

And I am really no different

if I chose to ignore the things

so obviously placed…

No it is better not to know…

To say lets be numb…

but is that really the right

way to look at it all…

oh to the lights in the window…

toss the coin let it fall…

bring forth the changing

challenges that we all know

we are facing…

As I gather my inner thoughts

my reserves in my heart

to carry forward in the only

way I know how to do so…

but I surely know this time

around I am not alone…

does that help me smile not

really it just leaves me here

more wondering than before

with more questions and

less desire to seek the answers

now… as I finish my tea…

I look out the window at

the stillness of the branches

in the trees… the white cloudy

solid sky for winter is slowly

in and out of this tiny breeze

trying to move some stirs

to change the outcome in

the balancing of the juggled

scales in the grips of claws

weighing not just my soul

the feather verses the heart

on to thinking what can

I create today to overcome

this overwhelming awful

sadness that has settled deep


As now I walk away too...

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