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Poetry and Writings


Slumbering Death / S.J. (c)1999

Where does solitude lie?

Never laying to rest,

much work lies ahead

whining fills earaches

consuming the background,

labor prevails for now.

Sincerity in intellectualism

is a falsity herewith.

Only demons and dragons

breeze through with ease.

For the human soul never

had a chance.

And where does that leave

the spirit within?

Struggling with reality is where

with disappointment and fear.

Traveling thousands of miles

Only to be in your own


However seeing the visions within

but outside mere limits

there lays lands without boundaries

undiscovered, untangled and pure.

Yet few ever strive to truly see

what the truth of life has to offer.

For they are just mere pawns

controlled by another.

Chaos that reins showers

upon the villages

eyes closed –no attempts to open

One dares question the validity

of experience.

The silence sounds everywhere.

Hush falls across the lands

narrow-minded views shared


Corroded corpses walking the streets

until light shines in

and awakens them.

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