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Poetry and Writings



S.JENSEN (c)2019

Blue Oceans

Flowers Bloom

Tests of Will

Within Truth

And Faith

The world turns

And its faded

Into the dew

Of the morning


Walking through

My dreams

And into the

Places where

I wish and know

As the sky

Turns its grey

Clouds to blue

Then dark blue

As the night begins

This Twilight


Where the golden

Globe sets

As another day

Passes by

The cycle of life

Time is as it is

Really a man made


But like watching

Water boil

It wont til you

Look away haha

The web of everything

Flows in and out

And pain rests some

Where inbetween it all

To that day

I keep trying

Legs ache so i rest

Them now

Walked alot today

And I am tired now

The way we are

The way we were

The way we want

And the way

We are not

.... the relativity of

So called freedoms

Sometimes its more

Of a inner journey

Than outer...

The changes

And now the past

Is forgotten

The banner

Of my wheel

Surrounded by

The three drops

Of blood

Represent everything

In a simple way

Part history

Part family

Part humanities life

Like the air we


And the grid

Of blue the life water

That keeps things

As they are...

Yet i know

Boy do i know

This silver mirror

I stare at watching

The day fade

To night...

Dulls to the

Dark shine

Drink my tea

And Paint my

Life away...

And Feel the Kiss

And know it is


Love and War

The land and sea

One foot on the right

One hand on the left

As the moments

Gone and the door


We remain...

To the end.

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