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yeah, a way to start...

I set up this for a few years and haven't sold anything here yet friends buy. The idea is good its one shipping has to be through USPS and international customs is like expensive sorry folks if not in USA ... not much I can do on that one...however if you want something and the site way seems confusing or not putting it right... email me ... contact and I can work with say 6 prints in a box for the 11x17 or smaller ones... poster sizes well they are printed and shipped differently so it costs me just $23 to print one digital file to be shipped so its better than any other way... it would cost me that for anything over 12" anyhow... but its cheaper cus that includes shipping any other way that is only a fraction...

Costs of everything is always gonna be there... canvas need boxes with lots of packing

and are heavy so cost more to ship anywhere... realize this folk's... so that is why many of my pieces are 11x17 that costs about $4 to make... but I charge $50 for a reason... I create the work hours of work and heck I have already reduced that price if I went by hour all my art would be $100 for 11x17 no one would buy that at that rate... some think $50 is too high

Well they have no clue do they... there are supplies that go into this as well... so many factors... and frankly I am a starving Artist... no joke there... I don't want to remain that however... so I try hard to make ends meet however I can we all do... I have a donate button and page... which as well never gets nada do folks thing art supplies come from

thin air ... it is one of the most expensive careers ever... I am always running out of a pen, ink, and paint... it's never-ending.

Have a great day... if you love my works buy something if you just want to view fine that is why its here...


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