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S.JENSEN (c) 2018

grey clouds... when I talk to you I am happy know that... without you not so much... I keep busy yet... my dear friend missing you! just saying! it's been weeks and it's just you are in my mind constantly really forever friend where are you? need you more now than ever I just sit here going the arms I need that hug feeling better it's been rough and I didn't talk much yet still...maybe it's just all the current changes one computer down one with issues leaves thoughts floating...wish I could be with you so really ... will we ever be beyond... I feel like the grey clouds... we deserve happiness we both really do know even though I don't talk much lately I still love you very much... clouds or no clouds one thing that will never change my heart is still same so into the clouds with or without know my friend you are on my mind as I get over this illness ... voice into the air I shout whether it's heard or not I think on you and I smile... no matter what I always will. still waiting....

yet no longer expecting

your return

I find a way to

move on.... #poetry # thoughts #unrequited love


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