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I am Retired/Disabled so not working just being....However will do Commissioned Small Art Design/Illustration work for one basic fee so some freelance work and fine art ...

this technicalzilla wards off Bad Viibes by Creating, in search of a gateway to the World of Art. She thrives on a diet of Linux and when she isn’t busy chomping on commands and syntax; it’s pretty awe-inspiring. Drawing and painting, since the age of 3 years old makes her some kind of powerhouse that just couldn’t quit. Oil painting came into play around the age of 10 when landscapes occupied her attention; in ways that toys like Tomy Fashion Plates should have.


Her knack for sketching and doodling ideas for future reference came with the territory. Whether it is unearthing one-eyed monstrosities or indulging in the human form, art meets science for this Mississippi native who believes that creating is the ultimate Godhead. Her skills are not restricted to the canvas or paper since she tackles murals, metal sculptures, wood sculptures, ceramics, jewelry, leather objects, wood burning and much more.


When it comes to creativity she is exceptionally strategic in her ability to see the larger picture (we’ll get to that shortly), although the artwork is the focus for all purposes intended. Lately, her contenders have been mixed media and the digital platform, as the gallery demonstrates. Artillery such as GIMP, My Paint and or Corel isn’t enough to hold its own. " Effective enterprising skills rest on the ability of aspiration to whip its imaginings into shape, so you can referee the match!"


This heavyweight holds two BFA's- one in drawing/painting and one in graphic communication, one AFA's- in drawing/painting and a minor in sculpture and creative marketing. You can find more information on the CV page, which includes experience in writing manuscripts, print production, electronic pre-press, graphics, silkscreen, electronic, graphics, technical and film stripping, as well as, plating (part of pre-press in print production). Additionally, she has had about six gallery shows: three in Mississippi, one in Louisiana; one in Texas; and one in New York under her belt.


She never thought that her biggest face-off would be against health issues. Unfortunately, they thwarted a promising graphics career. It’s been a struggle to get back on her feet, after being jobless for so long. This concept tank became proactive by working in the fine art arena now that life is somewhat stable and she is an empty nester. Events like this can leave someone on the very bottom of things and working with a limited budget can place them into this category called “the starving artist.”


As an aficionado, it’s hard not to be committed to working your way out of constriction through the force of will and a stroke of luck like lightning. Of course, worship becomes rather ingenious, at this rate, but you take it how you can get it. Local recognition and accolades through social media, online galleries, as well as, this site has caused something legendary to emerge from the murky waters of the self.

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