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Contact Information

Susanne Jensen - Freelance Artist

Ithaca, NY 14850

Twitter: @sj37966

FBPage: Susanne Jensen - ARTWORKS 

FBPage for Books: Susanne M. Jensen

FB: Susanne Jensen/Astraya ( mainly for friends only - so i may not add if i don't know you well.)

Instagram: smj61847

Pinerest: Susanne Jensen Art

Google + & Tumblr : smj61847/Susanne Jensen but rarely there.

Deviant Art: old site i can't access it but stuff there is here so if you want to buy something there that isn't here I can still sell it to you just CONTACT ME - send a message.


SEND ME a MESSAgE.... goes straight to email account

Thanks for submitting it!

Phone not required but add if you like
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