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My Books ART

This page has artworks that i am creating for my fantasy books characters, world, creatures, and tidbits

I am working to have the book have a ebook format and registered with ISBN currently in the works then I will add it to be sold... from Amazon and here and if people like it enough then maybe I can get enough money  to make it into paperbacks... I have a publisher but they want $4000 to make it all happen which is paid monthly I don't have a expensive car note for a reason think i can do that too nope... if I could work full time at making art and make enough then yep but currently nope ... heck I am trying not to be homeless at the moment... so to keep doing this that I love one I hope someone sees my ability to create awesome art and

say hey come work for us... I have tried it on my own and got no where fast so I have decided to just paint and get out there anyway I can now... so on this page I will have in time more stuff but currently gonna add work in progress on a evil bad guy from my books ... and when books are available to be purchased I will have promotional art ... and start posting stuff of the worlds and such background stuff on the books...  and if i can gather a fan base that is a if lol !! then I will post more as I go...

The Evil Bad Guy art progress... created in my paint and gimp....

Basic layout and color shaded and laid into the digital canvas
eye details and then more
details created
details of the other eye
which is a different color
and has been from a early
injury which is the reason
he became very evil
and hates so much
he is the dark twin of
another main character in
the book they are both
magi and come from a place
that only magi are born
with the talents to work with
magick spelled that way on purpose
i won't give away who his
twin is yet... til in the books
ear details and then the other
ear details created
beard work from base to details
and more work on lips area
added some more red ruddy
toned highlights to the face for the fact that the exposure to this worlds stars can in time be damaging
in background you can see i had
the cloak a different color of gold then decided to change it to silver
well its more of a titanium than silver that is why it has this bluish purple tint to it ... the metal of his ear
is more silver
Forehead work and if it wasn't for the magick of the world and its connection to realms then well the stars would totally radiate most life on the planet but there is a special orb that helps regulate everything on the planet protecting it from the radiation to a degree.
cloak details show that its not just
all magick but science and technology that aide things as well but are hidden to the general public as a base of magick...
details of the cloak fur shown up close
Final outcome
which took about three to four days of work off and on
so about 30 hrs or a little less
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