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Art is the expression of Life. My works are a continual process of an abstract or semi abstract figurative selected image from variable sources, ads from magazines, stock photos, and actual drawn models. These images are organized with backgrounds selected then rearranged to form a unified composition where color, texture, art filters, brush strokes, and images all shift accordingly. The composition is worked in a combo of these computer programs – Gimp, My Paint, or Sketchbook to give the abstract expressionistic form the breathe of life or an impressionistic figure that romantic blend of mixed classical art view. The figures are usually nude, erotic posed or clothed in a sexy posed theme. All are processed to pop the forms an shapes directly to the composition or where as they fall into the semi background holding the form in a semi realistic or abstract organic point of view from our modern digital way of living through fashion, social, home,tech, work and the pleasures we enjoy like going to a spa, drinking coffee or riding a tram train. Each are printed on high resolution photo paper. None are duplicated prints but as single one unique creation to give it the view its like a canvas or drawing individual to its one and only one piece of art. If the image is reused it is altered in some fashion to be its unique close second, never a identical processed composition and numbered either #2 ,#3, and so forth. Some works will be in a series of related themes like all involve fur or coats, couches and chairs, or bedrooms. Its easy today to take a photo then click on an app and it form some effect to simulate art. These are created piece by piece, part by part, layer over layer, reworked and reworked to push the edge of what is either the so called means to an end or end to a means principle. All works utilize the tools of the digital trade whether its a wacom tablet and pen, the mouse, actual pencil an ink then scanned or photographed then for a few hours processed over and over to get the desired style and look to truly be acknowledges as Art.
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