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FALL 2018

this fall been working on website stuff and  added a shop so will be working

on that a lot, however, a magazine that does art and writing that was chatting

with an art friend also liked my art and wanted three pieces to show for their magazine I allowed two cause one was already sold... so here is the link

to magazine page ....and what was represented...

Pink Panther Mag link if you want to read the tons of art and creative writing people submitted...

Screenshot 2018-09-12 21.19.11.png
Screenshot 2018-09-12 21.19.02.png

20 open art competition for artist's portfolio magazine 20

entry to this contest results are July 20, 2018, wish me luck!

its open to all artists worldwide for issue 35 2019 edition 80 pgs

20 artists published, 20 artists 4-page spread, 20 artists receive print and online

versions of issue 35

and top 3 receive cash awards $1000 1st, $500 2nd, $250 3rd

17 honorable mentions and 1 top artist will be on the cover

Summer 2018


As the new year starts off... still owe back rent and probably as rent increases soon owe more and will have to move after 15 yrs in same spot its not a natural thought or process when there are no 1 bedrooms to move to on assistance and I can't keep this up... been trying to get a job job anything I can physically attempt to do heck don't know if I can do half of what I been applying for but it is what it is... I just keep on surviving as best as I can... hope this year gets better as we go it's kinda like oh not looking that way in some views... but art wise I keep going as long as I can get rid of bloody cold lol!!  If anything good comes up will tell ...till then folks that visit keep buying-artfinder, keep looking, and go to my patronage page and donate to help an artist out!

As of today ... I want to let you all know that I will be able to keep roof over my head, however, the fact that I now have to pay back rent off from the small assistance amount I receive means I can't create any new art because I don't have the  money to ship or print the artwork out now... and looks i am in this debt situation for five years which means my art is over til some kind of job comes along to change this but so far no one wants to hire someone with my health issues with legs I have been told I am a liability and so my catch 22 leaves me in a very awful place... I will not close this site or the artfinder site but I can't ship anything since I have to live somehow on $60 a month that is $30 every two weeks

it's barely enough to wash clothes and gather needed stuff for apt...  I don't know what to say as for artfinder I will take off all international shipping that is ultimately out and leave USA cause I might be able to ship if one sells in a month but if anymore sells I am so screwed ... and being screwed all the way around ... for a very long time it seems now... I refuse to just lay down and die but my current existence is just that existing!  I don't need to say how it  makes me feel that I am on the bottom of the bottom and without the small assistance I get I would be penniless and homeless this is the worst of worst ever in my life... so I am letting you know that there will not be anything new for a long time.



 Not much happened  mostly worked on building Instagram pages and art challenges like inktober, demon jujne, doodlewash, some drawin this styles and

Fan art.  This Year has been lots of sketchbookart done by hand and painting canvas and nothing else is really planned either.  Closed the artstore it never done anything selling wise... the few things i did sell were word of mouth or to friends on facebook. I have decided to try for SSI again it would bring more than where I am at now on bottom of bottom. So retiring basically if I can gather in future some more art printed and matted I might have a few local shows but that is it... done over... sigh!



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